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7 Proven Tips to Create Awesome Marketing Videos
01 June 2020

7 Proven Tips to Create Awesome Marketing Videos


Video Advertising has gained tremendous momentum in the last decade. The massive amounts of consumption of this form of media has changed the perception marketers had while bringing new products to launch or promoting offers.


Video Ads stand as the most preferred form of media consumption among the highly tech savvy audiences. Online marketers use the diverse options available in the market to create ads that can not only capture the audience's attention but force them to take action and ultimately boost sales for marketers.

But crafting a perfect video ad is a skill which top marketers have attained through continuous trial-and-error. In fact, every video ad created extends us an opportunity to find out what was the most liked thing which made the audience want to click and what made them quit.

Below we share the top-most tips that can help you craft a compelling and effective video ad. Jot them down for your next campaign.


  • Make the Brand Icon Stand Out

Videos Ads are most consumed on mobile screens in contrast to desktop. While crafting your video ad designs make sure that the brand logo is visible - loud, clear and bold. Now this is essential as this increases brand recognition.


  • Imply a CTA

Make this as a compulsion to include a CTA in your video ads. A CTA is determined to guide users to take the necessary action. A CTA can be employed in different forms varying from a simple hashtag, a URL or a button.

It’s wise to place a CTA no matter which type of the intent the ad carries, rather than simply no CTA at all.


  • Introduce the Brand

    Many surveys have tried to analyze the most favorable time for brand introduction, but there is no fixed time which can be treated as a HIT or MISS. Be it the start, middle or towards the end, it does not matter but what impact it can make contributes to a significant difference.

Audiences should easily recognize and recall the brand. If this aim is justified, then the 15-second promo is a sure shot HIT.


  • Every Ad Tone Serves a Goal

Every Ad has a specific tone which triggers the action that can hit the goal. While crafting ads decide which tone you would make the Ad that can entice and engage your audience. Choose from humorous, emotional or informational.

Humorous & funny Ad tones help in increasing the brand familiarity whereas information ad tones are likely to fuel purchase intent. Emotional & more particularly the dramatic Ad tones help marketers to increase the brand affinity as with the personalized elements they can create a separate space which non-personalized ads miss.


  • Optimize Ads as per Different Screens

Video Ads should conform to mobile screen alignments, as Ads tend to have an altogether distinctive look on vertical and horizontal screens. Snapchat has proved to be a great platform for vertical screen Ads.


  • Stick to the Traditional Pre-Roll Ad Lengths

Whatever intent your video ad is purposed to serve, be it purchasing, creating brand affinity, brand recall or brand recommendation; the traditional limits of 15 to 30 seconds have proved successful.

Although the initial 5 seconds may not invoke the desired action when it comes to brand recall or purchase intent. Just ensure that the Ad is not compromising on what makes it stand out interesting and worth watching.


  • 15-Second Length is Considered Effective

Marketers, whether beginner or advanced always find it critical when it comes to deciding what should be the optimal length of the video. But without a second thought, it surely is the 15-second length.

Numerous studies and analysis have proved the efficiency a 15-second or shorter (depending upon the ad intent) video has aimed to capture. 15-seconds ads convert drastically well for purchase intent, which is one of the most common goal for marketers. Facebook owned Instagram, has restricted the length of videos which stands as the prime reason for their popularity.



Video ads offer an array of benefits that need to be cashed by marketers, employing the right hacks to craft truly compelling videos which can not only communicate the message effectively but also entertain viewers. Invest wisely in video ads choosing the right type of ad that fully conveys your message and is in sync with your campaigns goal.


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